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#FootyBiz Twitter Chat

August 6, 2015

With the football season a few days away, join myself, Adam Osper and Pete Hackleton to discuss the various facets of the football business on Thursday 6th August at 1830 BST. Adam is a Director at Tilney Bestinvest and advises clients on wealth management issues in a range of sectors including sport and football. Pete […]

High-Spending Clubs Must Still Be Careful How They Use Their Money

July 6, 2015

This blog was first published on the excellent Secret Footballer website here. Introduction It had been reported for some time that Uefa was intending to relax its Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations to allow clubs in certain instances to spend more than was preciously permitted. On 1 July, Uefa’s new regulations were published. The basic […]

The Future of Financial Fair Play

June 1, 2015

First published on the excellent ‘The Secret Footballer’ website here Introduction Cost control and Financial Fair Play (FFP) has dominated the football financial headlines over the last few weeks. First came an announcement from the Football League and QPR that an arbitration panel will determine whether the Football League’s FFP regulations are legal and whether […]

UEFA Financial Fair Play: What a Difference a Year Makes

May 15, 2015

Introduction The news recently that 10 clubs including a number of high profile teams had entered in to settlement agreements with UEFA over Financial Fair Play (FFP) break-even breaches, did not appear garner the same media interest as this time last year when high profile clubs like Manchester City and PSG were sanctioned. The clubs in […]

Financially Messi: How Much Would it Cost to Buy Lionel?

January 14, 2015

Introduction Over the last few days, speculation has increased that Lionel Messi may be thinking of leaving Barcelona. Whether he does or does not, this brief blog sets out the financial implications for any buying club. For any club thinking of buying Messi, there would be some eye-watering numbers to consider. A no-doubt world record […]

Football League Championship Clubs Tweak their Financial Regulations

November 7, 2014

Introduction Yesterday, representatives at an EGM of the Football League’s 24 Championship clubs voted in favour of a new set of new financial regulations which will, in two seasons, replace their previous financial fair play regulations (FFPRs). They have however taken the lead from the Premier League in renaming their new regulations that will be […]

Football Amortisation: Chelsea’s large Luiz Profit

May 30, 2014

Transfer Accounting With David Luiz moving to PSG, many have asked how PSG can afford the reported €40-50m fee with their FFP spending restrictions. As such, the basis of this blog is to shed light on how clubs account for the sale and purchase of players and why it is important for FFP compliance. How […]

Financial Fair Play: UEFA to Sanction Clubs Shortly

May 6, 2014

As the merits and failings of Financial Fair Play (FFP) were being debated by Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher on Sky’s Monday Night Football, it struck me how mainstream the discussion about FFP has now become. This next week however, promises to be the most significant yet as UEFA will likely announce their decisions by […]