Football Talks

Over the summer and autumn, I will be speaking at a number of fantastic events in London, Geneva, Miami, Mumbai and Jersey. I thought I would highlight a few of the talks and courses that may be of interest:

  1. Jumpers for Goal Posts Festival: I’ll be speaking on the Future of Football in London on Saturday 3 August.
  2. Football Business Academy: Along with some fantastic speakers, I will be lecturing on the world of football business in Mumbai between 21-22 September and in Miami on 23-24 November. You get 20% of the course price by entering the promo code geey2019 .
  3. Jersey Festival of Words: I’ll be dispelling some myths about the football industry including why players don’t pay their agents, why a £35m transfer is never a £35m transfer and what’s actually in a boot deal. This talk in Jersey is on Thursday 26 September.
  4. FIFA Legal Congress. I have been invited to speak on Saturday 28 September to speak on third party investment in football.
  5. Football Agent and Business Summit: I will be giving a keynote speech alongside Dr Erkut Sogut on various aspects of the football industry with additional panel discussions from top industry professionals on Saturday 30 November in London.
  6. Football Writing Festival: I will be speaking on a panel looking into football finance with David Conn in Manchester on Wednesday 4 September.

In advance of the above events, you can view my previous talks about my book Done Deal at Google and my YouTube talk with the super GOAT Agency.

Hope to see you at one of the events.

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Whether it is a manager being sacked, the signing of a new star player, television rights negotiations, player misconduct or multi-million-pound club takeovers, lawyers remain at the heart of all football business dealings. Written by leading Premier League lawyer Daniel Geey, who has dealt with all these incidents first hand, this highly accessible book explores the issues – from pitch to boardroom – that shape the modern game and how these impact leagues, clubs, players and fans.

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