1. Hit Makers by Derek Thompson: Derek has this amazing ability to tell brilliantly interesting entertainment related stories that really resonate. I loved his 50 Shades of Grey insights, the nature of ‘things’ going viral and the hidden valuable networks behind what makes something popular.  

2. Mindset by Carol Dwek: The better a book is, the slower I read it. I read this at a snail’s pace. The font and writing is dense and exceptional. I realised I had more of a fixed mindset than I thought and the reading journey allowed me room and time improve and iterate my own behaviours. This is an exceptional book.

3. 1+1=3 Dave Trott:This engaged the creative side of my brain inside the first two pages. I loved the format. Lots of short stories followed by real succinct, pertinent insights. It was so good I read it twice and the moral surrounding the building of London’s sewers is fantastic. I loved the book title so much I used it as inspiration for my cancer research fashion brand cap.

4. Rebel Ideas by Matthew Syed: I so enjoyed Matthew’s insights into the lack of diversity in the CIA and the consequent blind spots it caused in the organisation because it recruited in its own image. Also the section on idea hierarchy and to equalise the process so that ‘junior’ ideas are given as much weight is fascinating. 

5. Zero to One by Peter Thiel: The first two chapters of this book detailing Peter’s views on the way he sees economics (“the more we compete the less we gain” and “all failed companies are the same: they failed to escape competition”) literally blew my mind. His insights into the ‘start-up culture’ and what it takes for any business to succeed are absolute gold-dust.


1. Seth Godin continually blows my mind on his Akimbo podcast. His first ever episode on Status Roles is still my favourite. His more recent discussion on Genius is equally brilliant. 

2. This Sam Sloma Engaging People podcast with Josef Jackson is genuinely one of the most difficult things I’ve ever listened to. At 14 he lost his 12 year old sister to a brain haemorrhage and was told at 21 that he had Leukemia. Incredibly difficult but essential listening. 

3. The Crazy/Genius podcast by Derek Thompson is a heady collection of brilliantly engaging topics. From tech, Netflix, aliens, expanding human life-spans and beyond. This episode on why we haven’t found alien life yet is cosmic. 

4. The Full Disclosure podcast by James O’Brien is awesome. He speaks with so many incredibly interesting people that the podcast becomes a who’s who of the great and the good. Some of my favourite authors and comedians on the show include Malcolm Gladwell, Ricky Gervais and David Mitchell. And it’s Mr Gervais’ episode that I so enjoyed, especially when he talks about how the internet trolls sometimes give him his best material. 

5. The Take Flight Podcast with Simon Dent really resonated for lots of reasons particularly detailing Simon’s mental health issues, trying to navigate his way as a graduate lawyer in the City, Simon’s transition from lawyer to Dark Horses creative agency owner and the company culture he has tried to instil. 


1. Luck is Where Preparation Meets Opportunity: Some Note on My Career journey

2. What Would Happen if Players had to pay their Agents?

3. The Changing Game: A Done Deal Extract

4. Did Image Rights Scupper Dybala’s Move to Spurs?

5. When is an Appearance not an Appearance?


1. I’ve recently dipped my toe into the TikTok space. You can follow me here.

2. I got some great engagement from my Instagram followers on my career journey blog post.

3. It was a privilege to be invited to talk about my Done Deal book at Google.

4. These 21stClub YouTube Videos with myself and Omar Chaudhuri discussing the world of agents, TV dealsclub ownership, club recruitment and transfers.

5. I launched my Done Deal Football Podcast late in the year and the feedback has been really positive. You can listen here.

All the best for a happy and healthy 2020.

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